Castlemead Twist Receives its Platinum Status

Adam Carpets are extremely proud to have received the Platinum certificate from British Wool which guarantees that the wool content in the Castlemead Twist Plains is 100% British. Castlemead Twist is also the first 2-ply twist carpet to receive this award.

The certificate has been devised by British Wool as a way of establishing the true content of British Wool used in carpets. British Wool is one of the most respected fibres when it comes to making carpets, as it is durable and keeps its appearance for longer.

“This certificate and the process involved in getting it shows that we are committed to ensuring that only the best raw materials are used in our carpets” said Eamonn Prescott of Adam Carpets. “Our customers can sell to their customers with confidence that Castlemead Twist is one the best performing twist pile carpets on the market today.”

Castlemead Twist is Certified Platinum

Castlemead Twist is Certified Platinum

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