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The Marine Equipment Directive

Marine Equipment Directive

What is it?
The purpose of the Marine Equipment Directive (M.E.D.) is to enhance safety at sea. It governs the use and location of all fittings aboard shipping, and specifically its fire performance. The Directive applies to ships registered under the flags of European Union (EU) member states, and there is a Mutual Recognition Agreement between the USA and the EU. The mark that is affixed to documentation to show compliance, is the Ships Wheel – see the logo above left. This signifies MED approval and assures the customer that the carpeting meets the requirements of the Directive.

Why have we got it?
It is mandatory that carpet fitted in key areas aboard ship meet the strict fire performance requirements of the Directive. Carpets produced for these contracts require specialised procedures to be followed during their production to ensure that they meet those requirements.

How is it audited?
Our Company, its people and the M.E.D. processes are regularly audited internally and by BTTG, to ensure that we continue to meet the high standards required.

Why is it important?
It is important for passenger and crew safety purposes that carpets in key areas on board ship meet the requirements that the Directive demands on both flame spread and smoke generation. Examples of these areas include corridors, stairways, stairwells, public areas and muster points. Extensive testing has been carried out on our carpets to confirm that they do indeed fully meet the stringent criteria set out in the M.E.D. It is our view that the Ships Wheel assures our customers of our continued commitment to the Quality, Performance and Safety of our products, please see Module B and Module D certificates below: