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Help and Advice

Remove a stain?

We all occasionally have those little accidents we are not prepared for. Here are some tips for helping to remove some everyday spills from your Adam Carpet.

Rules for spot removal

Soak up liquids with kitchen roll, paper tissues, toilet roll , or absorbent cloth
Scoop up or scrape off solids.

Blot and do not rub

Apply small quantities of the spot cleaner at a time, applied to a cloth – NOT directly to the area – work from the outside of the spot inwards towards the centre with the cloth or a sponge, blotting with clean, white, tissue frequently.
Take care when applying solvents – do not over apply, carpets should not feel ‘wet’.
Ensure there is plenty of fresh air ventilation.
Dry the area by blotting and/or using a hair dryer on a low setting.

‘WOOLSAFE’ -Approved spot removers

For the most up to date list of approved spot removers, please click on the link below:

Useful Chemicals for ‘Order of Treatment’ table below

A Carpet shampoo diluted to manufacturers instruction and/or WoolSafe approved mousse/foam.
B Methylated Spirit or Surgical Spirit
C Clean warm water (40 C) and/or WoolSafe approved mousse/foam
D Non biological detergent (no brightener or bleach) 1 teaspoon in 1/2 pint water
E WoolSafe approved spot remover
F One tablespoon of household ammonia in 10 tablespoons water
G White Spirit or turpentine
H One tablespoon white vinegar, 2 tablespoons carpet shampoo, 8 tablespoons water.

Order of Treatment

Type of Stain Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Other Information

Alcohol, Liqueur, Beer A B
Beverages (Tea, Coffee, Soft Drink) D E D If stain persists, call a professional cleaner
Blood D A D
Butter E A
Candlewax Melt wax through cloth with iron then E, A.
Chewing gum Use proprietary brand chewing gum remover
Chocolate D A D
Cooking Oil E A
Cream A E
Eggs D B A
Floorwax E C A
Fruit Juice D E
Furniture Polish E A
Gravy / Sauces E A
Ink (Ball Point) B A
Ink (Fountain Pen) C D B
Iodine B
Metal Polish Allow to dry then brush off
Milk C A
Nail Polish Dab with Acetone, then shampoo
Paint (Emulsion) A
Paint (Oil) G E, If stain persists, call a professional cleaner
Rust E A, Use a proprietary rust cleaner
Salad Dressing A E F
Shoe Polish E A
Tar E A, Repeat this sequence until stain is removed
Vomit, Urine, Excrement C A C
Wine H C

Please note that this is current industry best practice that we are aware of. Adam Carpets makes no guarantee of results and assumes no liability or obligation in connection with this information. If in doubt please refer to a professional cleaning company.

WoolSafe accredited service providers are listed on the link below: