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Adam Carpets is committed to sustainability and that is why we:

Create our fine carpets with wool, a renewable fibre which is grown in the UK.

We continue to innovate to find ways to reduce our waste:

In the four years to the end of 2015, we had reduced our landfill waste by over 60%

Establishing our green credentials:

Here at Adam Carpets we are working towards a cleaner environment. We are also members of the Enco Environmental Network.

Enco and its member are committed to the goals of reducing waste, improving energy efficiency, effective use of raw materials, minimising environmental impact and compliance with environmental legislation.

Over the last twelve months, we have installed new energy efficient boilers in our dye house which has reduced our fuel usage. We have also put in place new methods to take heat out of the dye house vats for use elsewhere in the factory. We have also ensured that as much of our waste as possible is recycled. All of our waste yarn, cardboard tubes, plastic cones are all sold on to recycling companies to be used in other projects.

Going forward we are looking at other opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint and continue to invest in greener production methods.

Projects that we have undertaken include:

Segregating a waste stream and giving it to a local charity for art classes

Developing a bi-product from a waste product as a raw material for a paper mill

Turning two waste materials into what is needed to make carpet underlay

Recycling energy and water in our dyehouse so that they are re-used

We have also been active participants in several industry-leading environmental developments, including the trial of filtered fine wool fibres into animal bedding.

Use a sustainable product like Wool in all of our domestic ranges.