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The Process

The process of making a quality carpet starts with the farmer. Most of the wool we use comes from British farmers, the rest is from New Zealand.

The start of the process is shearing, where the sheep is sheared and the wool is then collected and scoured (washed!).

Once the wool is scoured it is sent to a spinning mill.

The yarn is then spun and it is sent to us here in Kidderminster. The yarns are delivered in ‘hanks’ (a hank is where the yarn is loosely wound into a large ring shape).

We then go through the scouring (washing) process the hanks again, before dyeing them to the colour we want.

We believe in scouring the hanks again as our testing has shown that the dye takes to the yarn a lot better, giving better clarity of colour.

The hanks are then spun to get as much water out of the yarns as possible (think of a spin dryer on its side and much bigger!). You do not want too much moisture left in the yarn, as this could affect the evenness of the colour.

The hanks are then loaded onto rollers (which continuously rotate to give an even colour) and pass through an giant steel oven at over 130 degrees.

Once dried the hanks are then taken for winding. This is where the yarns are put onto cones (think bobbins for cotton on a sewing machine, only bigger).

Now these cones could be used to make creels and be put straight into a tufting machine. However, you have to make a lot of cones and that process of tufting is as efficient as beaming.

Beaming is where the cones are used to put the yarns onto beams (giant metal cotton reels). Adam Carpets are one of only a few companies to use beaming. This enables to make smaller batches of carpets, meaning we can manufacture and stock more colours.

Adam Carpets then start to manufacture the carpet on our modern tufting machines.

Once the carpet is tufted, it requires a secondary backing. At Adam Carpets, we have the ability to ‘back’ the carpets in the same building as we tuft them. Our backing plant is amongst the most efficient and modern in the UK.

The carpets are then stored until an order is received. We then cut it and deliver it to your local family retailer.

At Adam Carpets, we believe in family values. That’s why most of our customers are family run independent carpet shops.

We believe they offer a first class professional service with that family feel.

Many of their customers are families too and so the majority of our carpets end up being laid in family homes.

That’s why we have a rigorous testing procedure for every batch of every carpet we make. After all we wouldn’t want to put a carpet onto the floor of any family, which we wouldn’t put onto our own family floor.

From the Farmers Family to our Family to your Family.

Adam Carpets, family business, family values.