Stripes are timeless, smart patterns that are loved by all.

Be confident and bring stripes into your home as they mix brilliantly with plains, florals, and many other patterns. Stripes can be used just about anywhere. Adding stripes to a room is the easiest way to transform a space. At the same time this classic pattern will carry a room through décor changes as the years go by.

Our Stripes have been created with multiple complementary hues, so you have lots of options for wall and fabric colours. We offer stripes that are empathetic and blend into their surroundings in any room, others we believe will add excitement and fun to your home!

Whilst visually striking, striped carpets are great for more than just their appearance.

Stripes can help create an illusion of making a space appear larger than it is, elongating or widening a room.

Stripes are great for high traffic areas such as halls, stairs and landings, drawing your eye away from any marks or blemishes. Our use of twist and velvet yarns together means that our product offers practical construction stability as well as a sophisticated look.


Offered in a range of classic and on trend colour combinations which can make the home even more enjoyable, fashionable and comfortable.

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A broken stripe effect which allows the hues used to blend and become a harmony of colour. It’s a carpet that can be a subtle backdrop as well as make a statement in any room.

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Inspired by city life and tailoring. This stripe is set apart from the rest because of its creative combination of twist and velvet yarn that is tailored
to give a smart, clean, sharp defined stripe.

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Adam Carpets have a vast palette of plain twist colours which complement the new stripes beautifully. In the index you will find a selection of these for each stripe. These options we hope will allow you to create a wonderful flowing theme throughout your home.

Adam Carpets Stripes Brochure

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