Monthly Archives: May 2012

In 2011, Adam Carpets showed their commitment to investing in the long term with the launch of over 60 new designs and colours into the market. In 2012 further investment is starting with the launch of a new company logo and website.

Managing Director, Chris Adam, explained the thinking behind the change.

“This new branding is evolution rather than revolution. We are showing by keeping it in Green, that we are proud of our history and what we have achieved in the past.”

He went on, “We are now evolving the brand. By making the Green softer we are appealing to the female consumers who are historically the decision makers in terms of fashion and trends within household furnishings.”

The new logo features the A in ‘Adam’ sweeping into the D, signifying the design and style for which Adam Carpets are renowned.

Adam Carpets most adventurous range to date.

Could we manufacture a Plaid utilising our expertise, but make it look unique? Of course we could!

We present Marquette Plaid. A stunning take on the traditional Plaid design. We have turned it 45 degrees to put the design on the diagonal. This gives the design a totally different look.

Available in 17 stunning designs and colours and available in 4m and 5m wide, this 40oz carpet is ready to make a statement, are you?

Below – Marquette Plaid Lindenwood Beige MP01

Adam Carpets are proud to launch their latest range Catherine.

Catherine is an overtuft range with classical looks and elegant beauty. It has a 40oz pile weight, which will stand up the demands of most domestic installations.

It has been made with the finest 2-ply yarns to ensure durability and appearance retention. It has two options, a trellis and a pin dot, both of which are available in 4m and 5m widths.

There are 15 classical colours to choose from.

Below – Catherine Lace Powder Blue CL11

Adam Carpets continue to push the boundaries of colour and style with the introduction of seven stunning new, vibrant colours to its popular Castlemead Velvet Stripe.

Bringing the total to eleven, Springtime,Rain Forest, Pampas Grass, Summer Holiday, High Seas, Golden Savannah and Heathland are a fantastic addition to the range.

Below – Castlemead Velvet Stripe Pampas Grass

Adam Carpets have continued their ‘investment in ranges’ programme by strengthening their popular Castlemead Twist range with six new colours, bringing the total number offered to 60.

With colour, quality and style the hallmark of an Adam Carpet it’s not surprising to see that five of the new additions are strong, vibrant colours.

Sales Director Eamonn Prescott said “These have been developed in conjunction with today’s popular colours and tomorrow’s fabrics and textiles. This helps Castlemead Twist stay one step ahead of our rivals and ready to meet the challenge of tomorrow’s trends.”

Below – Castlemead Twist Devon Cream CD120