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Adam Carpets have launched ‘Pure Brit!’. This exciting new twist range is made with undyed British Wool and has one of the smallest carbon footprints of any carpet on the market. With a pile weight of 40oz and a heavy domestic rating, this range is suitable for even the most demanding rooms in any home.

Key points:

  • An 80/10/10 wool rich carpet made using undyed British Wool
  • The wool has been sourced from British flocks raised by British farmers
  • The wool has been sent to British spinners to be spun into yarn
  • The yarn is then delivered to Adam Carpets, a long established British manufacturer
  • The carpet is sent out to retailers and homes within the UK ensuring a low carbon footprint

Pure Brit! FAQ’s

We asked Eamonn Prescott, Sales Director at Adam Carpets, about the new range:

Q. Why 80/10/10 and not 100% wool?

A. Over many years and tests the 80/20 or 80/10/10 blend has proven to be the most robust and durable choice for yarn in a twist carpet. We wanted to ensure that our carpets are suitable for the areas that our customers will be installing them into.

Q. If the wool is undyed, where does the colour come from?

A. The colour comes from two parts. Firstly, the majority of the colour comes from the fleece which is determined by the breed. We are one of very few manufacturers who specify the breed of sheep that we want our wool to come from. Second, the coloured man made fibre is blended with the wool.

Q. Why use undyed wool?

A. Although many customers may prefer to have colour, there is no doubt that there is a growing trend towards undyed wool products, whether that is in carpets or indeed fabrics. The natural fleeces that we have selected have created a wonderful palette that we thinks suits the undyed trend right now.

Adam Pure Brit Main

Adam Carpets have continued their long term programme of investment by installing an extra beaming machine into our factory in Kidderminster. This machine will increase efficiency in the department and reduce lead times for our customers.

This new machine was brought in from specialists in the USA and will be ready to run in time for the traditionally busy Autumn period. The new machine represents the latest investment by the company which has seen new dye house boilers, upgrades to tufting machines and improvements to the backing line and shearers over the last twelve months.


Adam Factory 002Adam Carpets are stocked and ready for the Autumn period. We have invested heavily over the last couple of months to ensure that our stocks are over 10% higher than they were at this time last year.

Remember Adam Carpets makes all of its own carpets and does not make carpets for any other carpet company. Our machines are committed to our products throughout the Autumn.

We also have our on site dye house ready to dye plain yarn at a moments notice. All of our plain carpets are dyed in house ensuring the high quality and consistency that we have become famous for.


It is always nice to know your efforts and hard work are appreciated. A lot of hard work and thought went into our display at Harrogate and it was a bit of a gamble to leave our tombolas and wall units at home. We wanted to get across a message of what Adam Carpets stands for: colour, quality and style.

This review from Scarlet Opus showed we struck the right note:

“This company demonstrated wonderful inspirational ways of marketing and retailing their product in line with current trends. They featured a giant pin board on their booth which included fabric samples, interior product images and colour swatches to inspire end consumers whilst in store when choosing carpet for their homes. It was refreshing to see a carpet manufacturer including other interior design elements in the presentation of their product. Adam Carpets also created Trend Mood Boards with detachable carpet samples so that customers can play and rearrange the samples to suit  their individual preferences – excellent interactive sales tools! These were also displayed in our ‘Flooring Shop of the Future’.”

Free Spirit

Design bloggers Scarlet Opus loved our Free Spirit mood board
with paint and fabric options

Adam Carpets and our Mood Board POS became the star attraction at the concept ‘Flooring Store of the Future Consumer’ at Harrogate this year.

The concept store was put together by Interior Design Specialists, Scarlet Opus, after feedback from consumers, retailers and manufacturers.

We were delighted to be asked to be involved and submitted our Mood Board stand along with separate mood boards that also included paint chips and fabrics which could be removed and replaced with others using Velcro. This pro active approach was welcomed by Scarlet Opus.

The concept store included hard floors, vinyls, underlays and even a high street window.

Flooring Store 2

The concept certainly created talking points and no doubt some retailers were able to take away new ideas for their stores.

Flooring Store

Adam Carpets had a very successful time at ‘The Flooring Show’ in Harrogate. Our stand was very well received with the stunning ‘Union Flag’ the centrepiece and main talking point.

The flag was put together by three of our employees (Tony Cook, Lee Harrison and Simon Collins). It was to done to highlight the launch of our new undyed wool twist range Pure Brit!

We used three of the Pure Brit! colours to make the flag which was pieced and seamed at our factory before being brought up to Harrogate and fitted onto the stand.

Harrogate 1

The stand was purposely made without tombolas as we looked to engage retailers with our mood board display and design boards. The main design board at the rear of the stand was used to show how we developed the new Fine Worcester colours for our ‘Hugo & Ella’ collection.

We invited retailers to give us their views on the board and what trends, colours they would like to see next or what they are seeing now. We pinned that information and feedback onto our board. Thanks to all who took part.


Our mood board units were once again very popular and we once again sold out the allocation over the first two days. Retailers were particularly interested in how we would take the concept forward and were delighted to see that we had already designed the next two boards ready for the Spring/Summer 16.

Entitled ‘Brit Pop’ and ‘Free Spirit’, they won the approval of the vast majority of retailers who visited the stand.

design board