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Nine New Additions to Inspirations

Adam Carpets are delighted to announce nine new additions to the ever popular Inspirations range.  These new additions will represent nearly 25% of the total range ensuring that the colours continue to look fresh and modern.

There are three new colours in total across the three designs, Dianthus, Décor and Dot. There are two new Grey tones and one Natural. These tones are very on trend and initial feedback from the stores that have received the samples has been great.

“These colours bring a freshness to the range which our retailers have been calling for” said Eamonn Prescott, Sales Director at Adam Carpets. “As with all our new launches, these colours have been extensively researched and we believe are exactly what todays consumer is looking for.”

The three colours will be:

IC/IP/IS24  Twilight
IC/IP/IS25  Cadet Grey
IC/IP/IS26  Battleship

Inspirations IP25 Cadet Grey

Inspirations IC24 Twilight

Inspirations IC26 Battleship

Flare Now Available 5m Wide

Due to popular demand we have decided to offer Flare in 5m wide along with the 4m width that it is currently available in.

We are taking orders straight away and your Rep will amend the samples on their next call cycle.

Please also note that Artistry will no longer be available 5m wide. This range will now only be available in 4m. Once again your Reps will amend your samples when they call.

Flare Image Close

Flare is Making a Statement

Flare has certainly captured the attention of our retailers as they are continuing to use the range in prominent displays. Below are some of our most recent images received from our Reps as they have called on their customers.

Murrayfield Carpets , Edinburgh

Bridge Street Flooring, Buckingham

Woven and Woods, Twickenham

Our thanks to the above stores for their support and images