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Adam Carpets exhibited at the Wool Floor Show London last month. The show took place at Stanford Bridge, the home of Chelsea Football Club. All of the UK’s major wool manufacturers were present, creating around 26 stands. Our stand came in for particular praise due to its use of room sets, rather than the conventional wall units and tombola displays.

“We were very pleased with how our stand turned out” said Eamonn Prescott, Sales Director at Adam Carpets. “By using room sets, we were able to highlight our recent relationship with The Little Greene Paint Company. I thought the use of their paint and our carpet was a real talking point at the show.”

New A5 postcard coordination charts were also on display for the first time. These postcard size guides feature a room set on the front, with six Castlemead Twist colours on the back along with three paint colours for each carpet colour courtesy of Little Greene.

The stand itself was split into two room sets, both using new Castlemead Twist colours and paint supplied and coordinated by Little Greene. The two carpets used were also highlighting the Platinum certification that has been awarded to Castlemead Twist by British Wool.

“The Platinum certificate is very important to us” continued Eamonn. “It is highlighting that we are using the very best British Wool in our carpets to ensure that we continue to achieve the high standards of quality associated with an Adam Carpet.”

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Adam Carpets had a highly successful evening at the International Carpet and Rug Awards 2017.

The awards were held at Stamford Bridge in the evening of the first day of the Wool Floor Show London. The awards were introduced by Bridgette Kelly from the Campaign for Wool.

Adam Carpets were awarded Best Tufted Commercial Installation for our Avant Bespoke range which was fitted to Bloxwich Golf Club.

Commercial Manager Tony Cook received the award on behalf of the company. “We were delighted to receive this award” said Tony. “The Avant range continues to offer woven style designs at more competitive tufted prices. The fact that we have our own design studio and dyehouse on site enables us to react quickly and efficiently to all enquiries.”

There were a number of special awards during the evening and Adam Carpets were finalists in two other categories: British Wool Carpet Award for Castlemead Twist Platinum and Best Creative Marketing Award for Little Greene collaboration.

Commercial Manager Tony Cook accepts Award

Commercial Manager Tony Cook accepts Award




Winning Installation

Winning Installation


Our wall units have recently gone through a design upgrade. We have taken out hanging samples and replaced them with user friendly pattern books.

The units now also have a shelf which will carry information about the company and British Wool to give the customer a better understanding of Adam Carpets and British Wool. The units now are available in singles allowing more flexibility for our customers. They also come pre-assembled, so no assembly from our team is needed on site meaning less disruption for our customers in store.

The graphics and sample boards have been refreshed with updated colours and messages.

For more information on these new units, please contact your Sales Representative.

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Steve Bakker

Global Marketing, The WoolSafe Organisation

There is a false perception amongst consumers that wool fibre carpets are problematic to maintain and that spot cleaning is difficult. There is a belief; especially amongst the older generation that once you have your wool carpet cleaned you will be caught in a cycle of cleaning/rapid soiling/re-cleaning.

Although this may have been true in the past it isn’t true any longer, well not if you use WoolSafe Approved Products. You see, all Approved products have undergone soiling tests and have been found not to cause soiling any quicker than plain water.

When it comes to removing spillages from wool carpet, the sooner the spot can be treated the better the chances of successful removal. In the last couple of weeks I have successfully removed half a pint of Guinness (which my 2 year old spilt) and a glass of red wine from a cream loop pile wool carpet with no specialist cleaning equipment, just kitchen roll and a WoolSafe Approved consumer spotter. The reason I was able to get the spillages completely out is because I know what to do, immediately. Unfortunately many carpet owners, retailers and manufacturers don’t. Do you?

It was to address this issue that we developed the WoolSafe Carpet Stain Cleaning Guide App. Always at hand and free to download it is hoped that this excellent tool will help you tackle spills quickly and save you hundreds of pounds in replacement costs while improving your perception of the easy clean properties of wool.

The App gives step by step, easy to follow advice on how to remove most common household spills. At the end of each piece of advice, if you are unsuccessful in removing the stain, you are directed to the search for a WoolSafe Approved Carpet Cleaner.

Along with approved cleaning products WoolSafe Service Providers are also on the App with those nearest to your location displayed on a map with one touch to call, email or visit their website. It is hoped that the App will put you, the carpet owner with a cleaning need, together with WoolSafe Approved Service Providers that know how best to clean them… at the time you need them most!

Remember, no fibre is stain proof and that includes man-made fibres, although polypropylene is hydrophobic it doesn’t release oil based stains well at all. It is much easier to remove oily spots from wool fibre than synthetics.