Monthly Archives: July 2012

Here are a selection of photos from one of our most recent commercial projects. We were asked to make three designs in two colours for cabins for a Cruise Ship. This was a repeat order and is to be used in a refurbishment of the ship. As we can manufacture very low volumes, 200 sq/m of each colour in this case, the client enjoyed a good price and a short lead time.

Going through the overtuft machine.

Closer inspection prior to backing and shearing. Note the raised colour tufts.

Second colour enters the backing line.

After backing and shearing, the carpet goes across the final inspection table.

Fine Worcester Twist celebrates its 21st Birthday in July. First made back in 1991, this iconic carpet started out with just 20 colours and in one width.

Since then we have added more and more colours bringing the total up to an astonishing 65. In 1992, we also added the option of a 5m width. At the time we were the first UK manufacturer to offer 5m wide carpet.

Fine Worcester continues to be the premier twist available today and if you ask your local retailer, you may well find they have some fitted in their own homes!