A Piece of History at an Auction in Canada!

A piece of Adam Carpets history has turned up in an auction in Ontario, Canada.

We were contacted by the purchaser, Karen Farrell, who wanted to find out a little more about her purchase and about us. We set to work immediately armed with some images that Karen had sent to us.

These pictures revealed that it was an axminster range we produced in the early 1970’s called Smada. ‘Smada’ being ‘Adams’ spelt backwards. It was a very popular carpet during that period. We believe that the carpet in question was made in 1974, some 38 years ago!

Karen explained ‘The carpet is a perfect match for my home which is circa 1870. When I read the history of carpet manufacturers in Kidderminster, I got really interested in the history of manufacturing and of the companies involved. I also wanted to find out a little more about the history of my carpet.’

We are glad Karen got in touch and we were able to help. The carpet still looks great today.

Below are the pictures of Karen’s carpet.

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