Adam Carpets Invest in Long Term Future


One of Two New Dye House Boilers Being Delivered

One of Two New Dye House Boilers Being Delivered

Adam Carpets have embarked on a major project to upgrade their on site dye house in 2014. This project represents a major investment including replacing the existing boiler with two smaller more energy efficient ones.

Although work is expected to last two months, no interruption to production will be caused as the current boiler will continue to run until the two new ones have been brought on stream.

“Although our current boiler was not quite at the end of its life span” said Chris Adam, Managing Director, “we believed that this was the right time to upgrade our facilities within our dye house to ensure that we will be able to meet the continuing upturn in demand for our products.”

The two boilers will replace an existing larger boiler. This will mean that the dye house can run more efficiently and save money and water, thereby helping the environment.

“As most of our customers know, all the plain colours in our ranges are dyed by us here at our factory. This large investment is a statement to our customers that we are here for the long term. The life of these boilers is anything up to forty years, so we will be here dyeing our own yarns for our own carpets made in Kidderminster for many more years to come” said Chris.

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