Adam Carpets and Little Greene Launch New Paint Guide

After a period of fifteen months from when the project was first talked about, Adam Carpets and The Little Greene Paint Company have officially launched their new paint and carpet guide.

The project paused whilst first Adam Carpets (with new Castlemead Twist colours) and the Little Greene (with new New England colours) changed their portfolios. The wait was worth it though and the first guides went into stores in Scotland last week.

“It has been a long wait” said Eamonn Prescott of Adam Carpets. “We showed the prototype at Harrogate in September and it has still taken four more months to get it right. However, that is because both companies are committed to getting the colours right. It is why we approached Little Greene in the first place and why they said yes.”

Little Greene Guide Cover headerLittle Greene Guide page 10 web

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