Fine Worcester Twist – The Original and Magnificent 20!

Social media is a wonderful thing and this month we have started the mammoth task of posting every single colour (there’s 126) that have been in Fine Worcester across our social media platforms of Twitter and Facebook. Thank you for everyone who has liked, retweeted or commented on those, your feedback is appreciated.

Over the next few newsletters we will also be bringing the colourbank up to date by starting with these original 20 and then showing images of every update until we get up to the present day. Next month will show how the range jumped from 20 to 26 colours almost straight away as the success of the range was instant.

You will probably see some familiar colours above. In fact of the original 20 colours over half of them, 11 in total, are still in the range today. This shows that by extensively researching our colours we can get truly timeless classics that will never go out of fashion.

Some of the colours that were eventually dropped from the original selection have also come back in very similar shades. As you can see Blue was very popular when the range was launched, but until last year when the ‘Hugo’ collection was introduced, Fine Worcester had been five years without a true ‘Blue’ in the collection as the popularity had faded. Regular readers of this newsletter will know that that particular situation has now changed!

FW original 4

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