‘Hugo & Ella’ Collection gains National Recognition

Our new marketing campaign ‘Hugo & Ella’ gained national media recognition this week, when the ‘Campaign for Wool’ used its column in ‘The Stocklists’ magazine to praise both Fine Worcester Twist and the ‘Hugo & Ella’ marketing element.

The column entitled ‘Focal Wool Point’ described Fine Worcester Twist as a ‘seriously good wool twist carpet’. It also commented that ‘it has gained a reputation for quality, style and colour’.

Their comments on ‘Hugo & Ella’ were also great to read:

“There is something very clever about calling a carpet collection after two people…by virtue of their names they have already stepped off the page and are two characters we can identify with.”

“We think that this is a very clever marketing approach..”

“Well done Adam Carpets! This is very impressive indeed!”

We thank the column for its kind comments.

‘The Stocklists’ is the most widely read magazine in the trade and has national coverage.

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