Moth Proofing – Adam Carpets

We have been asked a lot lately about moth proofing and moth resistance and whether our carpets have been treated. This is particularly significant for retailers in the South who are coming up against an above average summer for moth infestations.

All of our plain coloured carpets will be treated against moths and other insects. This includes pattern ranges such as Inspirations and Boulevard. Any carpet that has a heather or berber ground is not certain to have been treated. This is because all of our plain background carpets are dyed by us here in Kidderminster, so we know for certain that the treatment has been applied. Heather and berbers are bought in direct from the spinners already blended.

Ranges such as Fine Worcester, La Dolce Vita and Catherine that are completely plain coloured, have all colours treated.

Please note however, that this treatment is applied to deter the moth or insect from digesting the yarn. It is effective if the moth or insect ingests any part of the fibre, it will not prevent moth infestation or kill moths or insects which do not ingest the fibre.



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