Praise Continues for Adam Carpets ‘Exciting’ Approach

‘Adam Carpets’ are undergoing an exciting evolution into one of the most fashionable brands in the business – and doing so with considerable character and flair’

No these are not our words, but those of ‘The Stocklists’ editorial team during their recent review of the ‘National Buying Group Flooring Show’ held at Solihull.

The magazine devoted a whole page to the review of our stand which included ‘Hugo & Ella’ and our Mood Board POS.

In the feature entitled ‘In the mood for imagination’, they write about how Adam Carpets is a brand with ‘an aspirational feel’ and ‘fashion led’

Commenting on this article and the articles above, Sales & Marketing Director, Eamonn Prescott: “It is great to get this amount of positive feedback from not just the carpet trade, but the interiors market in general. We believe in the quality and style of our products and want to display them in the most fashionable and inventive way we can to entice consumers into our retailer accounts.”

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