Retirements, Christmas and Celebrations

Although Christmas may seem a long time ago now, at Adam Carpets we said goodbye to two special people and special friends. David Ruck and Sara Webster retired at Christmas.

David was our representative for London, the South East and East of the country. He was with the company for 12 years and had been in the trade for 50! He is well respected by all of our retailers and he appreciated all the good wishes he received from them. As a conscientious member of Adam Carpets, David has even stayed on for a few days during January to ensure a smooth handover to our new representative, Mr Simon Nyss.

Sara Webster was our Technical Manager. She was with Adam Carpets for 16 years, previous to that being with Georgian Carpets amongst others. Sara’s vast knowledge was a great asset to the company and she will missed by us all, although she only lives 100 yards from the factory so we may see her a bit more yet!

We were lucky enough to get a few colleagues of theirs together for a Retirement/Christmas dinner before Christmas. Thank you both for your service and dedication.

Sara is second from the left and David is waving on the right!

Sara is second from the left and David is waving on the right!

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