Say Hello to ‘Hugo & Ella’

Fine Worcester Twist is widely recognised as one of the best twists on the market. It is known for its exceptional finish and stunning array of colours. It comes as no surprise to anyone, that when Adam Carpets confirmed, during the Flooring Show at Harrogate, that new colours would be appearing in the Spring that anticipation was heightened.


Adam Carpets have now confirmed that ten new colours will be launched in March. The launch is taking a unique approach with the use of two fictional characters invented by Adam Carpets specifically for this new collection.


Hugo and Ella will be the faces of the new colours of Fine Worcester Twist. Sales & Marketing Director, Eamonn Prescott explains further:


“These colours have been designed with a totally new approach. We wanted ten colours that reflected new trends, ‘cool and urban’ and ‘warm and chic’. By introducing Hugo and Ella, we want the customer to identify with their traits and what they aspire to be. Fine Worcester should be about luxury and quality. We think that we are all a bit of Hugo or a bit of Ella. They aren’t two people; they are all of us’.


Adam has also taken the approach further and the launch of the colours will be combined with a unique presentation pack for their Representatives. Each will have a unique mood board with which to talk the retailer through the trends, ideas and fashions that inspired the new colours.


This will be combined with specially designed handouts for the retailer, who will be able to show their customers the thoughts and inspirations behind this stunning new collection. Both Hugo and Ella will feature on the handouts and the forthcoming PR campaign.


“By introducing these names and people to the carpet we are making it more human. Yes, people choose carpet on colour, but we believe that customers also choose on lifestyle. That is what we want to achieve with Hugo and Ella.”


The new colours have been previewed by a series of ‘teasers’ that appeared on social media during February. This innovative approach has certainly captured the attention of those retailers switched on to Twitter, Facebook and Pinteres


Ella in Pink

Ella in Pink



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