Wool rich carpet is well known for its insulation properties, and  the tog rating of  a  wool rich carpet is very much  dependant upon its Pile Weight,  Density of Construction and type of backing.

Generally the heavier the pile weight and the denser the construction the higher the tog rating.

The majority of Adam Carpets ranges would achieve a rating of between 1.50 – 2.2 tog.

Careful consideration should be given to both the temperature ranges of the heating system, and the type of underlay to be used.

Note for information;

Heat exchange between floor surface and carpet is further insulated by the type of underlay used. Figures between 0.80 and 1.50 tog have been quoted by manufacturers (foam underlays generally have a lower tog rating than felts).

Please note that the insulating effect of underlay and carpet are, to some extent, cumulative.

To determine a working approximation the tog rating of both carpet and underlay should be added together and 1.0 tog subtracted. Extensive research has shown that this calculation gives a more realistic value of the total tog value.

For example: Carpet at 1.70, underlay at 1.40,

1.70 + 1.40 – 1.0 = 2.10 tog (suitable for floors 2.11 tog and above)


Kasbah Twist                                      2.10 – 2.20

Rustic Berber Twist                            1.75 – 1.90

Fine Worcester                                   1.70 – 1.80

Sylvan Shadows                                 1.60 – 1.70

Castlemead Twist/ Heather                1.50 – 1.60

Boulevard/Catherine                           1.50 – 1.60

Kasbah Stripe                                     1.50 – 1.60

Castlemead Velvet Stripe                   1.40 – 1.50

Inspirations                                         1.40 – 1.50

Florentine                                            1.40 – 1.50

Wyre Forest                                        1.40 – 1.50


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