Why no Fine Worcester Heathers?

One question we get asked a lot here at Adam Carpets is why we don’t put some heather colours into Fine Worcester Twist. The simple answer is we don’t need to because we have a range already called Fine Upland Heathers which is basically the same as a Fine Worcester Heathers range would be.

This range is made from the same highest quality two-ply yarn and is tufted on the same machine as Fine Worcester, so you get that pinpoint, billiard table finish that it is famous for.

It is available in sixteen beautiful heathers and is available 4m and 5m wide. The only difference is in the weight of the pile, where it is just 4oz lighter.

If you are looking for a high quality heather carpet for your house, but want the same quality and style that Fine Worcester brings, then look no further than Fine Upland Heathers.

Fine Worcester Heathers Board






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