Another Satisfied Customer…..

We recently received this lovely email from one of customers., Mrs. Yvonne Finlay. It is always great to hear such wonderful feedback. It reinforces our belief that by using the finest raw materials, we can create a carpet that stays looking better for longer. Not all wool twists are the same.

I as a customer purchased your Castlemead Twist carpet seventeen years ago. It has worn brilliantly. We are so pleased with the wear it has given us as a family in our home. Everyone who visits our house comments on it and can’t believe the time it has been down. We have just relayed the hall in Castlemead Velvet Stripe ‘Black Ice’ (CVS02) and also the master bedroom in Castlemead Twist ‘Oyster Shell’ (CD90). We’re now looking to complete the rest of the house with the same carpet.

Well done to a excellent product. I was wondering if you could send me some samples of Castlemead Twist in shades of blue and red for my sons bedroom.

Thank you Mrs. Finlay once again. Here are the carpets she has in her home.

Castlemead Twist – CD90 Oyster Shell

Castlemead Velvet Stripe – CV02 Black Ice

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