Want To Know What Makes Us Unique?

If you want to know what makes us special, have a look at the photos below. Whilst many companies only make Twist carpets, some Loop carpets and some Pattern carpets, at Adam we can do it all! Not only that, but today we are doing it all on the same day.

A quick walk through the factory and I spotted Martinique (loop) on one machine, the next had Inspirations (Pattern Overtuft), then we had Fine Worcester (Twist), after that was Castlemead Velvet (Stripe), followed by Marquette Plaid (Pattern Graphic), finishing with some Castlemead Twist.

No other carpet manufacture can come close to that range of diversity. That’s what makes Adam Carpets, well………….Adam Carpets!

Martinique (Loop)

Fine Worcester Twist

Fine Worcester Twist


Castlemead Velvet Stripe

Marquette Plaid

Marquette Plaid – Looking Great!

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