Continued Investment By Adam Carpets

Adam Carpets have announced that they will be purchasing a brand new beaming machine as part of their continued investment at their factory in Kidderminster.

This represents a continued commitment to manufacturing all of our own products at the Greenhill Works plant.

Managing Director, Chris Adam, explained “Last year saw the company invest in the two new boilers for the dye house, which extended our capacity to dye our own plain colours well into the future. This years increase in sales means that to continue to meet the needs of our customers we will be purchasing a brand new Beaming machine to increase our production rate and meet our lead time targets.”

This new machine is being built by a bespoke manufacturer in America and will be in place in time for the Autumn peak period. Adam Carpets are one of a very select number of companies around the world that use Beams. The major advantage of them is stock control and the ability to react quickly to demand.BEAMING

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