Mood Board Windows

wordsley window

Our loyal customers here at Adam Carpets continue to amaze us with their inventive window displays. This month we have A J Rogers of Bromley (below) and Wordsley Carpets of Wordsley (above) with their use of our Mood Boards in their windows.

We would like to thank Rogers and Wordsley for sending us these images. Good window displays can make a massive impact on your businesses and attract customers into your store.

This month we received an email from Louise (end user) regarding the mood boards:

“I just spotted it as I was looking at other carpets in Cardiff. It was a really nice way to see a quick selection of a colour scheme rather than flicking through a huge pile of samples!”

A few days later we received a message from the retailer that an order had been taken on the back of the customer using the boards.

Always great to get feedback, good or bad, from retailers and end users.Mood Board AJ Rogers

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