Fine Worcester Achieves Luxury Rating

Fine Worcester Twist has achieved a maximum LC5 score according to British Standards, which equates to a Luxury rating. It has also achieved a ‘5 crowns’ rating on European Standards, the maximum a carpet can achieve.

“We always knew that Fine Worcester Twist was a touch of class” said Eamonn Prescott, Sales Director at Adam Carpets. “This makes it official, Fine Worcester Twist is a luxury product.”

Fine Worcester Twist also achieved a Class 33 in commercial standards, giving it a ‘Heavy Commercial use’ rating.

“Too often you can see words such as Extra Heavy Domestic on the back of some samples” continued Eamonn, “However, a lot of the time they really don’t have anything to back that up in terms of testing. The tests and results that we put our carpets through will give confidence to our retailers about the ratings that we use.”

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