The Flooring Show at Harrogate 2017

The Flooring Show at Harrogate this year turned out to be one of the best in recent memory. To think that just five years ago the show was close to finishing, the turnaround by the organisers, manufacturers and retailers has been astounding.

This year our stand was constantly busy from first thing to late afternoon, even on the last day. We received numerous new enquiries along with visits to the stand by some of our long standing retailers. It was great to see all of you.

We were delighted with the feedback we received to our new ranges, Flare and Pure Brit Supreme. Our Little Greene boards also caused a stir and we could have placed them in at least 25 different stores. Our focus now with these is to see how we can make those boards more value for money and streamlined without losing the impact.

The stand featured two colours of Flare on the floor along with the remaining 8 in a bespoke library unit. A lot of customers liked the display and the range. The colours on the floor ‘Jellybean’ (Coral) and ‘Totally Teal’ (well….Teal) also received great feedback and the carpets did look amazing in such a large area.

The stand, as usual, also showed new, innovated ways of displaying carpets. Our simple ‘clipboard’ display was very popular, with many retailers taking photos and seeing how easy it was to put together. The whole display cost around £20, which is nothing considering the effect that was given.

To highlight the collaboration between Little Greene and Adam Carpets we produced two large boards which featured Castlemead Twist and Fine Worcester. Each carpet chip had three paint chips next to them which represented the coordinating colours.

These board may well have been the highlight of the stand. Many retailers found them fascinating and also many members of the trade from other companies.

We received so many great comments, a favourite of mine was from a person associated with the trade who said “I always look forward to what Adam Carpets have on their stand. One year it is mood boards point of sale, another year you had customers pin feedback to a giant fabric board, then a giant union jack on the floor, always something different.”

As a company we stand for innovation, as much as quality and colour. Think of Fine Worcester, Kasbah Twist, Natural Perceptions, our overtuft ranges. We are always looking to push boundaries in carpets. Some are successful and some are not, but that won’t stop us trying!

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